The star attraction was the so called Shirley Temple

Shirley you must be kidding

In the latest news from the diamond world this week, a couple of seriously big rocks won’t be changing hands any time soon.

The famed Koh i Noor diamond, one of the world’s biggest at a whopping 106 carats, has graced Britain’s Crown replica louis vuitton bags from china Jewels since the mid 19th century. On Monday, the gem was at the centre of an ownership tussle in India’s Supreme Court. The government’s official position on whether to demand it be repatriated has not yet been made clear.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Sotheby’s New York held its Magnificent Jewels sale on Wednesday. The star attraction was the so called Shirley Temple Fancy Deep Blue Diamond ring given to the child star by her dad on her 12th birthday.

For those Shirley Temple fans whose pockets don’t run so deep, you can pick up a more affordable memento. Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp fake louis bag honouring “America’s Little Darling.” Just 47 cents a piece.

Who you callin’ chicken?

Now that’s what you call classy chicken. Never mind your run of the mill global fried chicken chains (Yes, we’re talking about you, Colonel).

The owner of a South Korean fried chicken restaurant was ordered aaa replica designer handbags by a district court to pay 14.5 million won ($16,000) for flouting a court judgment. The order prohibited him from giving his restaurant a name that suggested an association with global luxury goods brand Louis Vuitton.

The Korea Times, identifying the man only as a Mr. Kim, reported on Monday that he had called his chicken restaurant LOUISVUI TON DAK, a pun riffing off the word tongdak, which means “whole chicken” in Korean. He didn’t help his case by having napkins printed with a logo that resembled replica louis vuitton Louis Vuitton’s.

Louis Vuitton parent company LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, apparently thinking that high quality replica handbags china a fried chicken joint could easily be confused with a fancy handbag maker, brought its action against Mr. Kim in September. The following month, the Seoul Central District Court ruled Mr. Kim must drop fake louis bag the name and logo high quality designer replica handbags wholesale or face paying 500,000 won a day to LVMH.

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He did replica louis vuitton bags from china , but it wasn’t good enough for LVMH. The company demanded he fork over 14.5 million won for brand infringement for the 29 days from the date of the original judgment.

Mr. Kim claimed he should be let off the hook after the changing the the name, but the court begged to differ: “chaLOUISVUI TONDAK” still wasn’t good enough.

Extra high quality designer replica handbags wholesale , extra large fries with that

It was too good to be true.

McDonald’s has made a number Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags of moves in recent years to turn around slumping growth by adding Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags healthier menu options. Kids’ Happy Meals, for instance, can be ordered with milk, juice, yogurt and apple slices.

But now it’s looking to prop up the other end of the market with a test outlet set to open in Mound City, Mo. St. Joseph News Press reported Monday that a 6,500 square foot McD’s will open in July, featuring comfy couches and armchairs, kiosks where customers can customize their orders, and serving staff to bring your order to your table. But the most revolutionary change? ALL YOU CAN EAT FRIES!!! While it’s unlikely to appeal to juice drinking apple munchers, there’s definitely a niche demand. Reaction on Twitter ranged from “Omg I am so happy” to “Yass! Hope it comes with a side of defibrillator and elastic banded Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags sweatpants.”

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Hold the phone two days later McDonald’s head office broke the news: The all you can eat fries are for a limited time only. At least you won’t have to stick to chicken 1:1 replica handbags wraps and salads to make up for it.

Tapping the power nap market

Nodding off on the job? Feel like just a quick nap will help you get through the day?

That’s what some Hong Kong workers think, and it’s no surprise, since at 50 hours on average, they log the longest workweeks, according to Quartz. To meet that need, a new kind of business has cropped up: the nap lounge.

Now while “nap lounge” sounds like a euphemism, these are the real deal: places where you can rent a space for a short snooze.

Some of them are higher end and cater to the harried executive, offering services more commonly seen in hotels.

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Over at Chillazy, it’s a little more casual, with nappers sharing an open concept space and dozing in hammocks at $7.50 for the first hour and $2 for each hour after that, with discounts available on the monthly plan.

A less colourful breakfast

Have you noticed your kids’ bowl of Trix cereal doesn’t have that day glo look it used to have? There’s a reason for that. As of the beginning of the year, General Mills had removed all artificial colours from 75 per cent of its breakfast cereals, including Twix, Cheerios, and Golden Grahams , it announced on its blog. (It threw in the towel on blue and green before the relaunch, as the photos demonstrate; the company says there still working on it.).

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